Begin as visual researher, and Best Art Director,and then won Best Film at Indonesia Documentary Film Festival 2002 (“Gerabah Plastik’ ) My second documentary “The Dream Land” won Excellence Award at  Earth Vision Tokyo International Film Festival 2003, won Best Short Asia Film from “Renita Renita” at 9th Cinemanila International Film Festival 2007, this film won Best Film at Culture Unplugged Film Festival India.

My first feature film “SERAMBI” in Competition at 59th Cannes Film Festival 2006 (Un Certain Regard), 24 th Miami International Film Festival 2007, San Fransisco International Film Festival and Tokyo International Film Festival. I am a film director and film workshop facilitator.

A  W A R D S

  • 1997, Winner Best  Art Director, for movie “Daun di Atas Bantal” (“Leaf on A Pillow” Garin Nugroho), at Indonesian Cine  Club  Film Festival.
  • 2002, winner Best Film, for “ Gerabah Plastik”,at Indonesian Doc Film Festival.
  • 2003, New Asia Current Special at Yamagata Int Film Festival Japan “The Dream Land”, In Competition Selection, for “:The Dream Land”, at JIFFEST.
  • 2004, Winner Excellent Prize, for “ The Dream Land“, at 12th Earth Vision, Global Enviroment Documentary Film Festival 2004 Tokyo, Exebition for “The Dream Land” and “Adung My Friend”, at Green Film Festival Seoul Korea.
  • 2005, In Competition  Selection, “I Lost My Forest in One Minutes”, at 13TH Earth Vision  Global  Enviroment Documentary Film Festival 2005 Tokyo
  • 2006, In Competition Selection UN CERTAIN REGARD, 59th CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2006, feature movie “ S E R A M B I “, In Competition Selection Ibero World  Cinema , 24th Miami International Film Festival Florida US, feature movie “ S E R A M B I “, In Asia Program , Tokyo International Film Festival    feature movie “ S E R A M B I “, In Competition Selection, Vancouver  International Film Festival , Canada feature movie “S E R A M B I “,In Competition Selection ,  SLINGSHORT Film Festival , “ Renita Renita “,In Competition  Selection,  KONFIDEN Film Festival  , “ Renita Renita”.
  • 2007, In Competition Selection, CON CAN SHORT Film Festival Tokyo Japan, “ Renita Renita”, In Short Programme, 20th Singapore International Film Festival,” Renita Renita “, In Short Programme, Q Film Festival Yogyakarta,  ,” Renita Renita“ ,  Winner BEST SHORT ASIA FILM  at 9th Cinemanila International Film Festival Philiphines , film “RENITA RENITA”.
  • 2010, Winner BEST FILM at Culture Unplugged Film Festival India from Renita Renita, in Competition at Cinemanila International Film Festival 2010 from “The Road” / Di Ujung Jalan.

TV  a n d   F i l m   W o r k s   (as a Director)


  • documentary, “ My Cloth Like a Rainbow ” (making clothes with natural resources)  SET Film – Visi Anak Bangsa (VAB).
  • documentary, “ Adung My Friend “ (orang utan to be kill in Borneo island) SET Film – Visi Anak Bangsa (VAB).documentary, “ Botanical Garden “ (species dying)  Kebun Raya Foundation.


  • documentary, “ One Nation “ (conflict racial in Maluku) SET Film – VAB
  • documentary, “ Gerabah Plastic “ (plastic poluted)  Cangkir Kopi Film
  • documentary, “ Dream Land “ (conflict Porsea’s people and the big industry) WALHI – Rainforest Norwegia
  • documentary, “ Special Program for Food Security , vol.1 (agriculture)   FAO


  • documentary, “ Roedjito “ (one of most famous stage artist in Indonesia)
  • documentary, “ I Lost My Forest in One Minutes “ (about deforestation)  INFORM
  • documentary, “ My Forest Gone, Disaster Come “ (about deforestation)  INFORM
  • documentary, “ Public Participated “ (about deforestation) INFORM
  • documentary, “ Special Program fo Food Security ,vol.2 FAO, short movie, “Orange Country”, commercial tv, “Labelisasi Lampu Hemat Energi”  –     PLN


  • documentary, “ The Last Forest”  INFORM (TNC, WWF, Bird Life, CI)
  • documentary, “ Mother Tears “ YLKI
  • documentary, “Aku Ingin “,  (Sapardi Djoko Damono), Lontar –  Ford Foundation
  • documentary, “Hana Rambey”, Lontar – Ford Foundation
  • documentary, “Secercah Harapan”, Sampoerna Foundation
  • documentary, “ Special Program fo Food Security ,vol.3 FAO


  • documentary, “Konflik Rasial”, KOMNAS HAM.
  • documentary, “My Beloved Mother”, ALDP Papua, feature movie, “S E R A M B I”, Christine Hakim Film.
  • documentary, “New Hope”, ACCESS Australia.


  • documentary, “13 tahun Berjalan “, Komnas Ham –  SambilBerjalan Films.
  • documentary, “Renita, Renita”,   SambilBerjalan Films.


  • documentary , “Profil Kabupaten Morowali”.
  • documentary, “In The Shadow of The Flag”, Progressio.


  • documentary, “Profil Kabupaten Sumenep”


  • documentary ” Ones Step Healing “, ICTJ South Africa.
  • documentary ” Apa Kata Mereka ” , AUSAID.
  • documentary, ” Satu Langkah “, ICTJ Indonesia Timor Leste.


  • documentary Tumbuh Bersama, 30min ALDP Papua.
  • documentary The Road, 78 min, Yayasan Tifa.


  • documentary, Cokro Story” , story of a tailor ( Padmo, the 90 years ), alive from being a tailor in traditional market (Deperindag, doc 30 mins).
  • documentary, It’s a Beautiful Day”,  screen at ECO Film Festival Malaysia, Water International Film Festival Tokyo Japan , We need water everyday.  But, everyday we are not aware of the future of reduce water (Rumah Dokumenter, 23 min).
  • documentary, My Earth”, Film for CPO Conference Durban South Africa.  Global warming is an existential threat. Adam ( mastermind puppet ) and Nada  ( dancers ) do adventure to know what it is global warming. And both dance.   ( DNPI, doc 30 mins).


  • documentary,My Great Adventure, behind the scene Djarum commercial tv (60 mins )
  • documentary, Stepping Together, The story of the families  continue to survive in the edge of Merapi. oexistent with disaster. The mountain  which is at any time can eruption (BNPB, documentary 30 mins)
  • documentary, The Mangoes , OPENING FILM at Indonesia Documentary Film Festival